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Questions and answers are grouped by funding opportunity. When viewing search results, please be sure to note whether they apply to BHCIP Launch Ready, CCE Capital Expansion, or both. All responses are labeled either “BHCIP,” “CCE Expansion,” “Joint RFA,” “Children & Youth,” or “CCE Preservation.” You can download or view a PDF compilation of the FAQ questions here. This compilation is updated periodically.


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BHCIP Launch Ready Questions

Are facilities that provide Short-Doyle mental health services eligible for BHCIP funding? Our facility serves individuals who may not be able to be on Medi-Cal because of immigration status, for example.

Please ensure your facility is on the list of eligible facilities listed in the RFA. Eligible facilities must also provide behavioral health Medi-Cal services and have a contract with their county. Counties and providers currently utilize the Short-Doyle data system...

What if our organization is unable to get a letter of support indicating we have a Medi-Cal contract with the county in time for the application submission?

Applicants who are unable to obtain a letter of support before the deadline are encouraged to complete the application process. In the application section requesting an upload of the letter of support, please upload instead a written explanation of the reasons why you...

If a project is already in progress and the applicant is willing to serve the target population(s) and be bound by the service and use requirements, can construction costs already incurred be reimbursed?

No. Funding may not be used for “reimbursement.” Only those costs that can be associated with completing the project (for example, adding an ADA-compliant walkway, widened doorways, etc.) would be eligible costs, per the Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 5960.15:...