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This searchable FAQ only includes questions that pertain to Round 4 funding: Children and Youth. If you have any additional questions, please visit our general searchable FAQ. See the most recent questions below.


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Children and Youth Questions

Can you advise if Children’s Crisis Residential Programs (CCRPs) noted in the RFA is the same as Crisis Residential Treatment?

Children’s Crisis Residential Programs are licensed by CDSS as a Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program and have a mental health program approved by DHCS. Please refer to Section 3.3 in the request for applications (RFA) for a list of eligible facilities considered for BHCIP Round 4: Children and Youth grant funding.

If we have multiple departments (such as intensive outpatient hospitalization and a crisis stabilization unit) in a dedicated behavioral health building run by our hospital, would we need more than one application? If we also are planning a psychiatric emergency department in another location, could we submit this separately, even if it would mean three applications from the same organization?

Applications for BHCIP Round 4: Children and Youth grant funding are site-based. For a project with more than one department located at the same site, only one application is necessary. An application for another site would require a second application. Organizations can submit more than one application as long as each application is for a separate, distinct site.

Can you please clarify allowable projects under Round 4? The language seems to imply that facilities on K-12 school campuses (i.e., school-based health centers) are not allowable. Is that correct? But school-linked health centers (i.e., those near or next to school campuses) are allowable, so long as the funding is used to expand behavioral health services?

Yes, school-based health centers are not eligible for Round 4 funding. However, school-linked health centers, which are located off campus and have a formal operating agreement with the partnering school, are an eligible facility type.

Is an intermediate care facility/developmentally disabled habilitative eligible for Round 4 funding?

No. The eligible facility types are adolescent residential facilities for youth with SUD, children’s crisis residential program, community mental health clinic, community treatment facility, community wellness/youth prevention center, crisis stabilization unit, outpatient treatment for SUD, partial hospitalization program, perinatal residential SUD facility, psychiatric acute care hospital, psychiatric health facility, school-linked health center, and short-term residential treatment facility.