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This searchable FAQ only includes questions that pertain to Round 4 funding: Children and Youth. If you have any additional questions, please visit our general searchable FAQ. See the most recent questions below.


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Children and Youth Questions

Do I need to have a contract in place with the county to offer Medi-Cal services in order to apply for Round 4?

A contract with the county to offer Medi-Cal services is not needed in order to apply for Round 4. However, applicants that offer Medi-Cal behavioral health services will be expected to have a contract in place with their county once the funded facility’s expansion is complete. Additionally, although community wellness centers and youth behavioral health prevention centers are not required to have a contract to provide Medi-Cal behavioral health services, they must provide services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

Is county approval required for application to Round 4?

No. County approval is NOT needed to apply for Round 4; however, a letter of support by any of the following entities is required: county board of supervisors, county behavioral health director, county executive, tribal council resolution, stakeholders, and/or other community-based organizations. City, nonprofit, or for-profit organizations must include a letter of support from their county behavioral health agency or, if a tribal entity, the tribal board at the time of the application or within the grant decision period.

Can a county with two behavioral health divisions apply to Round 4 Children and Youth for two separate, distinct infrastructure projects, or would they need to apply jointly?

A county with two behavioral health divisions may apply separately for distinct infrastructure projects specific for the children and youth population. However, if services being rendered are at the same location, then one application will be necessary.

The Round 4 RFA states that schools are not eligible for Round 4, yet one of the facility types listed is school-linked health center. Can you explain what a school-linked health center is?

A school-linked health center is a specific type of school-based health center that is located off campus and has a formal operating agreement with the partnering school. School-linked health centers are operated by a community health center, a federally qualified health center, or other community-based provider and offers a wide variety of services such as primary care, behavioral health care, dental care, screening and prevention, and youth engagement activities. School-linked health centers must expand behavioral health services as part of their proposed project for Round 4 funding.