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This searchable FAQ only includes questions that pertain to Round 4 funding: Children and Youth. If you have any additional questions, please visit our general searchable FAQ. See the most recent questions below.


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Children and Youth Questions

Can the BHCIP Children and Youth funds be used for the purchase of a building for transitional housing programming or permanent supportive housing for youth ages 18 through 25?

No. The facilities to be funded in BHCIP Round 4 Children and Youth are specific to the expansion of behavioral health services in community mental health clinics, community treatment facilities, community wellness/prevention centers, outpatient treatment for SUD, school linked health centers, adolescent residential treatment facilities for youth with SUD, children’s crisis residential programs, crisis stabilization units, perinatal residential SUD facilities, psychiatric acute care hospitals, psychiatric health facilities, and short-term residential therapeutic programs.

How will funds for Round 4 be released to awardees? Will they be given reimbursement as they expend funds or will funds be released immediately and proof of expenditure to be submitted later?

Disbursement of funds will follow a standard 30-day draw period and 45-day payment cycle for work completed. The grantee will submit to the draw authority invoices for work completed over the previous 30 days. The draw authority will review the draw request, approve the invoices for work completed, and issue approval for disbursement of funds to the grantee. Subsequent funding for construction will be released following site inspections and once draw requests for work completed and invoices have been submitted for the previous 30-day period.

We are a behavioral health care organization for children and youth and applied for BHCIP Launch Ready funds. Should we also apply for Youth and Children funds, or will DHCS consider our application in the round in which it fits best?

BHCIP Round 4 Children and Youth is a separate and distinct application from Round 3 Launch Ready. Applicants who are not awarded funding in Round 3 are encouraged to apply for Round 4 if their proposal will expand behavioral health services for children and youth age 25 and younger and/or pregnant/postpartum women and their children.