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This searchable FAQ only includes questions that pertain to Round 4 funding: Children and Youth. If you have any additional questions, please visit our general searchable FAQ. See the most recent questions below.


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Children and Youth Questions

The Round 4 RFA states that schools are not eligible for Round 4, yet one of the facility types listed is school-linked health center. Can you explain what a school-linked health center is?

A school-linked health center is a specific type of school-based health center that is located off campus and has a formal operating agreement with the partnering school. School-linked health centers are operated by a community health center, a federally qualified health center, or other community-based provider and offers a wide variety of services such as primary care, behavioral health care, dental care, screening and prevention, and youth engagement activities. School-linked health centers must expand behavioral health services as part of their proposed project for Round 4 funding.

Will there be funding for pre-development activities, such as feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, and engineering plans?

Funding for pre-development activities is included in the overall budget for the proposed project. Pre-development activities may include but are not limited to funds to hire an architect to draw construction plans, working with a financial advisor to develop a business plan, and other activities required to reach the minimum threshold for project readiness.