Round 3: Launch Ready Joint RFA

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Questions and answers are grouped by funding opportunity. All responses are labeled either Round 3: Launch Ready Joint RFA, Round 4: Children & Youth, or Round 5: Crisis and Behavioral Health Continuum. This compilation is updated periodically.

Round 3: Launch Ready / Joint RFA Questions

Can I refinance the home/facility to get a loan out of equity during the encumbrance period?

There are no restrictions for refinancing in the grant program funding agreement. It is up to the sponsor to work out refinancing terms.

Can a facility based in a correctional setting apply for BHCIP or CCE funds?

No. Correctional settings are not eligible for funding under either BHCIP Round 3: Launch Ready or CCE Capital Expansion funding.

Is there a minimum percentage of project beds that should be serving the target population(s)?

CCE Capital Expansion applicants are asked to ensure that their proposed projects will serve a greater number of applicants and recipients of SSI/SSP and CAPI who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. There is no required minimum percentage; the percentage served will be evaluated during the review of applications. Applicants must show that their project will provide a measurable increase over the baseline number of individuals served within the target populations.

Can a portion of either the BHCIP or CCE grant funds pay for additional staff or staff upgrades?

Service and staff-related expenses are not covered by the BHCIP grant. However, for CCE funds, a capitalized operating subsidy reserve (COSR) can be incorporated into the project budget to cover operational deficits for up to 5 years. See Section 3.7 (page 17) of the joint RFA.