Round 2: Behavioral Health County and Tribal Planning

Since 2022, BHCIP Round 2: Planning Grant funding has allowed counties and tribal entities statewide to expand efforts to plan for the acquisition and expansion of behavioral health infrastructure in their communities and regions.

Through Rounds 2A and 2B, DHCS awarded planning grants to county behavioral health agencies, tribes and tribal entities, and regional partners to plan how best to address local behavioral health facility needs and develop strategies and action steps to meet those needs. Grantees created action plans to articulate their infrastructure goals and priorities, planning activities, stakeholders, and pre-development activities. Many recipients of BHCIP Round 2 funds went on to successfully apply in later BHCIP rounds for funding that would allow them to see the projects they planned in this round to completion.

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Round 2A Awardees: Interactive Map

Round 2A Awardees: Interactive Map

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