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Questions and answers are grouped by funding opportunity. When viewing search results, please be sure to note whether they apply to BHCIP Launch Ready, CCE Capital Expansion, or both. All responses are labeled either “BHCIP,” “CCE Expansion,” “Joint RFA,” “Children & Youth,” or “CCE Preservation.” You can download or view a PDF compilation of the FAQ questions here. This compilation is updated periodically.


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Joint RFA / General Questions 

If I have a two-acre parcel of land and want to add multiple facilities on the land (pending zoning/conditional use approvals), is that considered one project or multiple projects? Would I need to submit one development budget or multiple budgets?

Each application should be attached to a single address. One address can include several facilities. One project can contain multiple facilities. Applicants are required to submit a unique application and budget for every project.

The RFA use-of-funds definitions note that funding can be used to “rehabilitate” assets. Is there a specific definition of “rehabilitation,” and are any activities clearly considered in- or out-of-scope?

Remodeling an existing facility is an allowable project under BHCIP and CCE as long as it results in an expansion that will allow the facility to serve a greater number of the target population. Repairs to an existing licensed ARF or RCFE that does not result in an...