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Questions and answers are grouped by funding opportunity. When viewing search results, please be sure to note whether they apply to BHCIP Launch Ready, CCE Capital Expansion, or both. All responses are labeled either “BHCIP,” “CCE Expansion,” “Joint RFA,” “Children & Youth,” or “CCE Preservation.” You can download or view a PDF compilation of the FAQ questions here. This compilation is updated periodically.


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Joint RFA / General Questions 

Can BHCIP or CCE funds be used to address local ordinances or state requirements for code upgrades, including seismic? Is green technology required or just recommended when upgrading an older facility to expand beds?

Seismic upgrades are only applicable to facilities that are two stories and higher. If the upgrade is part of an expansion, it can be included in the development budget. Green technology is recommended when possible, but is not required for upgrades.

Please explain funding for new developments, in particular match. For example, suppose I’m purchasing an $8 million property to develop a behavioral health facility, a project that will cost $20 million total. If I must supply a 25 percent match, equal to $5 million, does my purchase of the land (valued at $8 million) satisfy my match requirement?

Yes. Match in the form of real property appraised value for development is acceptable as long as that real property is the actual project site property and the entire Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) of land is dedicated to the new development project. If you have...