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Questions and answers are grouped by funding opportunity. When viewing search results, please be sure to note whether they apply to BHCIP Launch Ready, CCE Capital Expansion, or both. All responses are labeled either “BHCIP,” “CCE Expansion,” “Joint RFA,” “Children & Youth,” or “CCE Preservation.” You can download or view a PDF compilation of the FAQ questions here. This compilation is updated periodically.


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Joint RFA / General Questions 

What is the relationship between BHCIP/CCE funding and other state housing funds, such as Homekey? Can an agency acquire funding from both Homekey and BHCIP/CCE if they qualify?

As outlined in the BHCIP/CCE Program Update (1/5/22), one of the state priorities for the BHCIP/CCE funding is to leverage historic state investments in housing and homelessness. That said, leveraging funding does not mean supplanting or “double-dipping” in funds....

If there are land issues that need to be resolved prior to breaking ground but are being addressed, such as soil abatement, are we allowed to move forward with a project plan and application?

Soil remediation is a common issue for launch ready projects, and PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) soil contamination and remediation will not disqualify you from applying for BHCIP Launch Ready or CCE funding. Please keep in mind that PFAS remediation is...