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Please explain funding for new developments, in particular match. For example, suppose I’m purchasing an $8 million property to develop a behavioral health facility, a project that will cost $20 million total. If I must supply a 25 percent match, equal to $5 million, does my purchase of the land (valued at $8 million) satisfy my match requirement?

Yes. Match in the form of real property appraised value for development is acceptable as long as that real property is the actual project site property and the entire Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) of land is dedicated to the new development project. If you have...

What counts as matching funds?

Match in the form of cash and in-kind contributions—such as equity amount in land and existing structures—to the real costs previously incurred by the project will be allowed. Cash is the strongest form of match. The state must approve all match sources. Cash match...

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Watch Governor Newsom's Press Conference from 1/31/22 about this funding opportunity.