As part of the RFA process, AHP, the administrative entity for CCE, will provide pre-application consultations, training, and TA to individual applicants. In addition, AHP will offer ongoing general training and TA throughout the life of the project. Applicants will submit a request for a pre-application consultation, including a survey to indicate their understanding of the project readiness requirements. These include facility siting, permit and licensing requirements, construction plans, oversight and management, and budgeting practices. In addition, applicants will be required to discuss how their proposed project meets local gaps identified through an assessment and how it addresses the state priorities. An AHP implementation specialist will work with applicants to support them in these areas by connecting them with information specialists and subject matter experts in real estate, facility financing, and programmatic best practices serving the prioritized or target population to bring targeted TA to applicants and grantees. AHP will also host Learning Collaboratives and provide informational webinars on topics of interest, such as strategies to serve targeted and prioritized populations, braiding resources to ensure viability, and green sustainable building practices.