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This searchable FAQ only includes questions that pertain to Round 4 funding: Children and Youth. If you have any additional questions, please visit our general searchable FAQ. See the most recent questions below.


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Children and Youth Questions

For Round 4, would a mental health rehabilitation center serving TAY be an eligible use of funds?

No. The eligible facilities to be funded in BHCIP Round 4: Children and Youth include the following: community mental health clinics, community treatment facilities, community wellness/prevention centers, outpatient treatment for SUD, school-linked health centers, adolescent residential treatment facilities for youth with SUD, children’s crisis residential programs, crisis stabilization units, perinatal residential SUD facilities, psychiatric acute care hospitals, psychiatric health facilities, and short-term residential therapeutic programs.

If our project is multi-faceted and very large with multiple beds for different populations, can we apply for Round 4 for the whole budget or part of it?

BHCIP Round 4 is only available to fund the expansion benefiting the intended target population of children/youth for behavioral health services. If the project is scalable, you may be able to apply for future BHCIP rounds for other phases of your project if it serves the intended populations.

We do not have a site identified yet. Would our project be eligible for Round 4 without a site identified at time of submission? Part of our proposal and workplan would include identifying a site.

No, a project without an identified site does not meet the minimum threshold requirements; therefore, it is not eligible for BHCIP Round 4: Children and Youth funding. See minimum threshold requirements in the request for applications (RFA).