Round 2: Planning Grant

Round 2: Community Mental Health Clinic

Yurok Health and Human Services to fund Community Mental Health Clinic with 300 slots, Community Wellness/Youth Prevention Center with 1,450 slots, Outpatient Treatment for SUD with 27 slots, and School-Linked Health Center with 50 slots
Mental health clinic


The Yurok Tribe applied BHCIP Round 2: Planning Grant funding to the implementation of a planning strategy for a three-story youth center that will function as a community mental health clinic, outpatient substance use disorder (SUD) treatment center, and community wellness/prevention center in Hoopa. The center, whose construction will be funded through BHCIP Round 4: Children and Youth grant funds, will use the allcove model to serve 1,827 individuals annually to children, youth, transition-age youth, and perinatal and postpartum mothers and families.

“The Yurok Youth Center will address wellness in a comprehensive and youth-friendly way, led by members of a youth advisory group, whose contribution guides the design of services and of the center environment,” said Shoshoni Gensaw-Hostler, Suicide Program Manager, Yurok Health and Human Services. “This center is reflective of the young people in the community being served and becomes the youths’ independent center for care.”

In addition, it will address the historic gap in services for tirbal youth locally, a population that has more broadly experienced higher rates of behavioral health conditions in comparison to their peers. It will also provide a much-needed resource in an area that is underserved and remote, becoming the only facility dedicated to serving youth in an area of more than 1,200 square miles, where it can take half a day to drive to the nearest youth center.