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Questions and answers are grouped by funding opportunity. All responses are labeled either BHCIPJoint RFA, or Children & Youth. This compilation is updated periodically.

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BHCIP Launch Ready Questions

Does the pre-application consultation determine whether we are “launch ready ”?

In preparation for the pre-application consultation, you will be asked to complete a survey that will allow your designated implementation specialist to help determine whether your project is launch ready.

Which application portal should I use to submit a BHCIP Launch Ready Part One application?

A number of BHCIP governmental applicants have raised concerns about the need to share personally identifiable information (PII) for individual employees and have requested an alternative. In response to those concerns, the Department of Health Care Services, in conjunction with Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP), the BHCIP administrative entity, is opening an alternative application portal exclusively for public entities such as counties, cities, and tribal entities.

This new portal will not require the submission of PII. To receive a link to this portal, public governmental entities should send an email to with the subject line “BHCIP application portal.” The email must include your entity’s name and either the 10-digit confirmation code you received during your pre-application consultation or the 6-digit application ID located at the bottom of your ZoomGrants survey.

If you are a non-public government entity, you will continue to use the current application portal at, and will be asked to provide PII for the individual completing the application.

How do I know whether the facility type is eligible for this funding opportunity, given the prospective population served and services provided?

The RFA (section 3.1) explains that BHCIP Launch Ready projects need to expand community capacity for serving the behavioral health (mental health and substance use disorder [SUD]) population. All eligible entities will be required to demonstrate that they have a contractual relationship with the county to deliver Medi-Cal-covered behavioral health services.

What if our organization is unable to get a letter of support indicating we have a Medi-Cal contract with the county in time for the application submission?

Applicants who are unable to obtain a letter of support before the deadline are encouraged to complete the application process. In the application section requesting an upload of the letter of support, please upload instead a written explanation of the reasons why you are not able to obtain a letter of support, from whom you requested the letter of support, and whether you are an existing Medi-Cal contractor.

If a project is already in progress and the applicant is willing to serve the target population(s) and be bound by the service and use requirements, can construction costs already incurred be reimbursed?

No. Funding may not be used for “reimbursement.” Only those costs that can be associated with completing the project (for example, adding an ADA-compliant walkway, widened doorways, etc.) would be eligible costs, per the Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 5960.15: “An entity shall meet all of the following conditions in order to receive grant funds pursuant to Section 5960.05, to the extent applicable and as required by the department: . . . (b) Expend funds to supplement and not supplant existing funds to construct, acquire, and rehabilitate real estate assets.”

I’d like to do some repairs to get my facility up to licensing standards. Can I apply for rehabilitation funding now?

No. There are no BHCIP or CCE funds available for facility repairs.

We received a Round 2 Planning grant. Are we allowed to use funds from that to pay for contracted services to work on the application for this or other BHCIP rounds or the CCE Capital Expansion grant?

Yes. Funds from a BHCIP Planning grant may be used to pay contract writers to respond to this and other BHCIP infrastructure grants, and to the CCE Capital Expansion grant.

My facility is interested in funds to purchase vehicles. Would that be covered under BHCIP?

No. This round of funding is focused on infrastructure, meaning buildings and related facilities. Although new vehicles may be part of a facility’s capital improvement, in this context they are not included.

Are private (not nonprofit or nongovernmental) organizations eligible to apply for BHCIP Launch Ready grants?

Yes. For-profit organizations and other private organizations—including private real estate developers—whose projects reflect the state priorities are eligible to apply for these funds. For more details on eligibility criteria for these entities, please see page 11 of the joint RFA.