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Questions and answers are grouped by funding opportunity. All responses are labeled either BHCIPJoint RFA, or Children & Youth. This compilation is updated periodically.

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BHCIP Launch Ready Questions

What kinds of projects are private organizations invited to apply for?

Private organizations may be involved in any of the eligible project types. Any private organization would be expected to have a collaboration agreement or contract in place with a provider.
There could be scenarios where the private organization is the applicant for funding and would be the owner, in whole or in part, of the land and/or the final construction. If the private organization is, in fact, the applicant, the evaluation process will pay particular attention to the agreement(s) made with provider(s) to ensure the finished facility will be used for the intended purpose for the required number of years. Also in this case, the match requirements for the funding will be at the same level as they would for a for-profit provider.

Should we submit multiple pre-application consultation requests if we have multiple projects? Should we submit multiple applications?

Yes. Applications will be accepted on a project basis and a pre-application consultation is required for each application. A separate code will be needed for each project you apply for; you will receive that code as part of the pre-application consultation.

We would like to expand our current facility to serve more people, as well as purchase property across town for a second facility. Should we submit one application or two?

Applications will be accepted on a project basis. These would be viewed as two separate projects, so two applications would be required.

Our organization applied for but did not receive Round 2 Planning grant funds. Are we still eligible to apply for a Launch Ready grant?


We have already received funding through one of the other rounds of BHCIP grants. Are we allowed to apply for this funding as well?

Yes. Recipients of Crisis Care Mobile Units (Round 1) and County and Tribal Planning (Round 2) grants are eligible to apply for a Launch Ready (Round 3) grant.

Can both facility infrastructure and behavioral health services be included in the intended use of the grant funds?

No. BHCIP grant funds must be used only for expanding the state’s behavioral health facility infrastructure.

What does it mean to be “launch ready”?

For purposes of BHCIP Round 3 funding, a project is defined as “launch ready” when some essential pre-development design, planning, site control, and budgeting details have been professionally formalized and the project meets the minimum requirements listed below, but the project team has not yet issued an official notice to proceed, and construction has not yet started. (A notice to proceed is a formal notification to the construction teams to begin work on a project.)
The intent of these resources is to supplement, not supplant, existing funding resources or funding commitments. Specifically, DHCS defines the following minimum threshold requirements to demonstrate a project is launch ready, and therefore eligible for BHCIP Round 2 funding:

a. Site control established (with deed, purchase and sale agreement (PSA), option contract, letter of intent [LOI], or leasehold);
b. Site plan established (schematic plan with architectural and engineering specifications);
c. Stakeholder support established (letter from city/county/board of directors);
d. Match amount identified (equity, debt, donation, or in-kind with documentation);
e. Initial budget established (based on schematic site plan);
f. Development team established (as needed: attorney, architect, design-build team);
g. Ability to gain building permits within 6 months of funding;
h. Ability to close on land, after gaining building permits, within 6 months of funding; and
i. Ability to start construction within 6 months of grant funding.

A project may be deemed “more” launch ready than other projects by demonstrating any or all of the following, in addition to the above requirements:

a. Ownership of real estate site
b. Preliminary plan review completed, with comments received
c. Construction drawings complete or near completion
d. General contractor (builder) selected and ready for hire. 95% of construction drawings ready for submission for building permit
f. Building permit issued
g. Able to start construction within 60 days or less
Generally, a project that has an official “notice to proceed” is not eligible for BCHIP Round 3 funding. Exceptions may be made for a project that is in default or has a demonstrated capital shortfall. Such applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

My organization provides services in more than one county or region. Is it eligible forBHCIP funds?

Yes, it is. We ask that you please complete an application for each site you are considering for expansion.

We are a behavioral health (BH) facility that serves individuals in more than one county. Which region do we identify in our application?

The facility’s address determines the region for the application.