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Questions and answers are grouped by funding opportunity. All responses are labeled either BHCIPJoint RFA, or Children & Youth. This compilation is updated periodically.

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Crisis and Behavioral Health Continuum Questions

If I have more than one project at different locations, can I submit one application or do I have to submit separate applications?

One application must be submitted for each project address. Applications are based on the address of the project. If a project has two different addresses, then two separate applications must be submitted–one for each address.

I keep getting notifications from SurveyMonkey Apply letting me know it is down for maintenance and later, when I try to access my BHCIP application, the green “apply” button doesn’t show. How do I resolve this?

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by SurveyMonkey Apply’s maintenance notifications. You may resolve these issues by clearing your browser’s cache. For information on how to clear a cache, please follow this link.

Can a proposed short-term residential therapeutic program (STRTP) serving a juvenile justice population be eligible for BHCIP Round 5: Crisis and Behavioral Health Continuum grant funding?

Yes, a STRTP that serves a juvenile justice population may be eligible for BHCIP funding only if it is an unlocked facility and meets all necessary behavioral and/or mental health staffing and licensing or certification requirements.

If we are including the costs of property acquisition in our budget, do we need to provide a certified appraisal of the property at this time? Who pays for the certified appraisal?

A certified appraisal of the property is required at the time of the award application if you are using land as the source of your match or if you are acquiring a new property. The certified appraisal must be provided before the grant award is finalized. The cost of the appraisal is the responsibility of the applicant; however, it can be included on the budget as a sunk cost and used as match amount.

What is a pre-application consultation?

All grant applicants are required to engage in a pre-application consultation before submitting an application. (You may begin an application at any time; however, to submit it, you will need to be approved to do so through a pre-application consultation.) The consultation will provide an opportunity to discuss proposed projects, match requirements and potential sources, statutory and regulatory concerns, how the project addresses the state priorities, and related considerations. These pre-application consultations will be provided by technical assistance (TA) specialists, including staff from Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and real estate development experts engaged by the administrative entity, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP). For more information about pre-application consultations and TA, visit