Crisis and Behavioral Health Continuum: Frequently Asked Questions

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This searchable FAQ only includes questions that pertain to Round 5 funding. If you have any additional questions, please visit our general searchable FAQ or click the BHCIP FAQ button below. 


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Crisis and Behavioral Health Continuum Questions

In order to fully execute a BHCIP Program Funding Agreement (PFA), how do we proceed when the awarded project only pertains to a portion of the existing property/structure in place?

BHCIP PFAs require execution of a Declaration of Restrictions (DoR) and Performance Deed of Trust (PDoT) before a sponsor can begin to draw down awarded grant funds. The DoR and PDoT will encumber the entire property where the BHCIP project is located. The following...

Can a for-profit entity (private developer) be the lead applicant and still be eligible for the 10% match threshold if they execute a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a nonprofit public benefit company service provider partner, or do the two have to be co-applicants (for-profit and nonprofit)?

"Only nonprofit entities are entitled to the 10 percent match. To meet the 10 percent match requirement, either the applicant or the co-applicant must be a nonprofit company. If a single applicant is a for-profit entity, the match requirement is 25 percent. A...